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Causes for Doing Foundation Repair

As a home begins to settle and age, it’s inevitable that you might deal with basement foundation repair. Normally, the first step in getting this thing done is by evaluating the cause as well as severity of damage. Before fixing the actual damage, it is more important that you identify the root cause of the problem and deal with it first. After fixing the source, you may now repair the foundation either on your own or by hiring a contractor that is specializing in foundation repair, particularly if it’s a serious issue. There are many causes that need basement foundation repair actually and these can be any of the following:

Number 1. Aging – this is a very common cause on foundation. In older homes, what used to build the basement walls are stones or bricks. Mortar is used in putting together the bricks and stone. Eventually, it is going to breakdown that can make the older walls to sag and that’s where leaks begin to start. In case that an old stone or brick basement walls are structurally sound, foundation repair should be an easy fix.

You should chip out the old mortar and use a tuck pointing trowel as replacement. Say that the walls are sag, it should be replaced or must be joined in a foundation of concrete. Both processes have to be done by a licensed contractor to do repairs.

Number 2. Repair – this can be a cause or sign of damage to your basement foundation. Say for example that there’s water in basement, you should observe for cracks in the walls. If you’ve seen cracks, they have to be repaired. If you are living in colder climates, then your basement’s foundation is more susceptible to this sort of damage due to freezing and thawing. You may repair small cracks by making use of a kit that includes a sealer.

For bigger cracks, there will be a kit that can be bought in the market but it is advisable to contact a contractor who has specialization in performing basement walls foundation repairs. The reason for this is that, these big cracks could be an indication that the load bearing pieces of your foundation is compromised.

Number 3. Seepage – this may be due to the fact that the waterproof coating was applied wrong on the basement exterior walls or in case that the coating has worn off already. You must re-grade the earth in order to prevent water from seeping into the foundation. In less serious cases, you can just re-apply the sealant.

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